Monday, July 27, 2015

Inspirational Monday...

Happy Monday everyone!  Here's are some great photo's (at least I think they are!  and with no filters!) of yesterday's sunrise here at the beach!  Even taken before my morning cup of joe, somewhere around 6am.  A bit late for me waking up, but what else is one to do while you're on vacation but to sleep in! :) Hope this gives you some inspiration and the day allows you to create something as beautiful as the morning sun!
Have a terrific day!  XO, Annie

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Creative Thoughts for this Sunday....

Just a little something I thought I'd share as Jay and I enjoy our coffee on the beach this morning!  Hope everyone gets a chance to do something creative today! (I actually brought my stuff down so I could work in my journal this week!  Hopefully I will post some things!)   Have a wonderful and blessed Sunday.  XO, Annie

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Christmas in July

Yes that's right!  You are not seeing crazy.  There are Santa hats on the beach chairs!  Just a reminder that today is July 25th!  One of my favorite days of the year as it marks six months until Christmas!!! :) And as we leave for the beach today, (one of my favorite places to be with family and friends!)  it's almost like getting an early Christmas gift!!

So enjoy the day! I hope today's date inspires you to dream up something creative!  I brought some of my craft room with me and will be working on some Christmas cards today! As I have been asked to do 2 crafts shows this Fall....It's always a good thing to prepare early!!!  Enjoy your weekend, and I hope you get a chance to do something creative today! XO, Annie

Friday, July 24, 2015

Five Minute Friday: 10 Things Our Daughter Has Taught Us


Happy Friday!  Our word of the week from Kate is TEN!  Pop over to her Five Minute Friday, Kate Motaung and find out why she chose it!

Ready, Set, GO;  

This weeks word is TEN.  As it's been a trying week this week with my 14 year old, (Sarah has spent the last 2 days testing her limits and boundaries), so, I thought I'd make a list of ten things Sarah has taught Jay & I in her short 14 year life!

The word is TEN Ready, Set, Go:
  • FAITH:  Sarah's angel in heaven, her big brother, is constantly with us, guiding and protecting her.
  • GENETICS:  Although Sarah is a spitting image of her father, most of her personality traits are from me.  Something I need to remember as we move into the early adolescent years...
  • ATHLETICISM:  You don't have to be good at playing with balls...Soccer balls, softballs, tennis balls and sports are not Sarah's cup of tea.  But horses, oh my!  She discovered her love for them at the age of 5, half of the number 10!
  • LOYALTY:  Sarah found her best friend when she was 2! And they are best friends to this day! 
  • PREPAREDNESS:  I have always have kept 10 uniforms for Sarah since she started pre school.  (just in case I am a slacker in the laundry department that week!) It has worked well. As we just bought her uniforms for high school, we continued the tradition!  10 dresses!! (5 sweaters, 5 gym uniforms, and yes, 5 pieces of NDP apparel!)
  • CONFIDENCE:  Sarah is more mature than what I give her credit for and has a great sense of knowing what's right, and wrong!  I forget sometimes that she has always been an old sole!
  • LIFE LESSONS:  Sarah has learned that being an only child has it's perks:  the love and attention she gets from Jay and I is 10 fold!!
  • TECHNOLOGY:  Sarah has taught me amongst other things, computer skills that I never knew existed!
  • UNCONDITIONAL LOVE:  Sarah's love of horses and being in the show circuit, has taught me that even if I don't understand what Sarah is doing in the ring or when she's jumping the fences, just Jay and I being present for her and being her cheerleader is all she needs for us to be!
  • IDOLS:  Justin Beiber will always have a place in her heart and will always be her first brush with celebrity fame, when she met him when she was 10!  And even through his bad boy years, Sarah continues to be a loyal and true super fan!
STOP.  So ther you are!  Ten things I have learned from Sarah in 14 years....  Pop over to Five Minute Friday and play along!  If nothing else, it will get your creative juices and thoughts flowing!  Have a creative day today!  Hope you get a chance to do something wonderful!  XO, Annie

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tutorial Thursday: Watercolor 101


Watercolor is all the buzz as of late.  Even I have dabbled a bit.  It's fun.  Especially when you're making alot of cards all at once.  Here's a tutorial I found on Pinterest that will get you started with a supply list and how to begin painiting.  Watercolor is also a great medium for art journaling.  If you lay some gesso down on the water paper first, a little paint will go a long way! I did this sunflower last night, just to fool around with the paints because I haven't touched them in a while!  As always, if you have any questions, please leave a comment below!  Hope you enjoy the tutorial and get a chance to create something wonderful today! XO, Annie



Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sarah's New Horse....Wacky Wednesday!

And we have a keepah!  Welcome Tuscany's Express (Racing name.  Barn name TBD) He is a 6 year old OTTB gelding!  He passed his pre vet check yesterday, and we locked the deal up with his owner late last night!  I have a very excited 14 year old!!!!  And Jay and I couldn't be more happy for her!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Scrappin' Tuesday

Here's a little something I got to do over the weekend.  Unfortunately, I can't tell you where the producs came from.  They've been in my stash for a while.   These are photo's of Sarah's pony Ziggy, that we just sold this Spring.  (I know, and they're pictures of the first snowfall we had back in December....A bit embarassed to say how far behind I am!) We are meeting the vet later this afternoon for a pre vet check on a new OTTB horse Sarah has had on trial.  Let's hope this one is a keepah!  Shopping for a horse is worse than shopping for a car!!! :)

I used this scrapbook sketch I found on Pinterest....



Have a wonderful Tuesday!  I hope this inspires you and gives you a llittle inspiration!   Hope you get a chance to do something creative today!  You're right side of the brain will thank you! XO,  Annie