Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Santa Tag

I made this yesterday, and wanted to share with you how I came up with this cute Santa tag!!! Thanks to my Cricut, it was super easy!!!  

  1.   The tag was from the Cricut Cartridge, Fabulous Finds.  The white tag was cut at 3.25" and        the red at 3".
  2.  The belt was made with the Cricut Cartridge Creative Memories, Tis The Season.  That was       cut at a half inch. 
  3.   I used Marthat Stewart gold glitter on the buckle, and the black strip is just cut to size.
  4.    The black embellishments I had in my stash.  But if you don't have those you can easily use       buttons, or glitter....
  5.  And the ribbon was from Really Reasonable Ribbon, again, it was in my ribbon stash.  

This will be going up into my Etsy store, so go check it out.....As always, if yo have any questions, please leave a comment below.  I always love hearing from you!

Have a wonderful crafty day my friends! XO, Annie

Monday, August 24, 2015

Motivaional Monday: Tips for the Cricut Die Cutting Machine

I will be the first to admit, that I don' use my Cricut like I should.  Most days it sits on my shelf collecting dust.  But when I do use it, (like this past weekend)  I always wonder to myself why I don't use it more than I do!

So in efforts to get you all back into the die cutting mood, I found two tips that might be helpful.  The first is a chart, from Fantabulous Cricut, that gives you the machine settings for the things you are trying to cut.

The second tip, is advice on how to keep your cutting mat sticky.

Both tips I found very useful this weekend, as I was making tags and gift card holders in bulk, getting ready for the craft show in Decmeber!  If you have any tips you'd like to share please leave them in the comment section below, I'd love to hear from you.  Have a crafty day!!!! XO, Annie

Friday, August 21, 2015

Find: Finding Faith in Our Saints


This week's word for Five Minute Friday is the word find.  You have five minutes to write. Stop then post it onto Kate's Website And remember to leave some neighborly love.  So without further ado, here we go find.


This week's word for Five Minute Friday is the word find.  You have five minutes to write. Stop then post it onto Kate's website. And remember to leave some neighborly love.  So without further ado, 

Here we go find.

Us Catholics, we love our Saints.  And there is a Saint to pray to for everything.  And when you've lost something you can't find, we pray to St. Anthony.  His prayer goes like this:  

"Saint Anthony, St. Anthony please come around, their's something that's lost that can't be found"  

Then typically, at least I tell Tony what's been lost, and more often then not it will show up.  Maybe months later after you've prayed to him, (like when you're moving and a necklace you thought was lost forever, shows up behind the dresser!) But he is my no fail, go to Saint.  Especially when I have lost jewelry! Of which I am notorious for loosing!   And as recent as last weekend, I used his skills to help find a small tiny link to a watch I was trying to fix.  I thought the link fell into the carpet, but after praying to Saint Anthony, 20 minutes later it showed up at the very edge of the desk I was working on!

So I am sure there are skeptics out there saying that this is silly, and that if you just look hard enough you'll find what you're looking for.  That's probably true, but it doesn't hurt to have a little help from above!  And there is something comforting about the constant reptition of prayer, saying it over and over again, that helps to destress the situation.  (Like when you're flying on an airplane, something I'm not a big fan of,)  you can pray to St. Joseph, over and over again, to keep you safe during your travels.   I also think that's why I like praying the rosary.  For the repition.

St. Anthony has helped me numerous times over the years, and so hasn't a few of the other saints....Our 14 year old  daughter, Sarah is convinced, that it was St. Francis of Assisi ( he is the animal Saint) that helped her find the perfect horse.  That one didn't happen overnight, and took months of shopping, but Sarah's constant praying to him, everyday, helped us find Mailman!  And it's experiences like that that help keep her faith in God, and in the Catholic Church! (Something I won't be messing with anytime soon!!)

Have a wonderful weekend!  XO, Annie

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tutorial Thursday: Inspiration Boards

So there's alot going on with Anne's Scrap Corner.  A new website is on the way, and I just opened up an Etsy Shop, a few local craft show on the books and am getting ready to sell on Handmadeology (AKA meylah).  I thought if I made an inspiration board that it would help me stay on task and remember what my goals were in all of this.  I know I'm not going to become rich selling handmade cards at $2.25 a piece, but it is fun to share my creativity with others.

Having that in mind, I found a DIY tutorial on Inspiration Boards 101 that I wanted to share with you.  After doing a little research, I found out that the boards can be of just about anything.  In fact, Sarah made one last night for high school, with some of her goals for her freshman year.  The board will evolve and change as she grows, but it will remind her of what's important and hopefully keep her on taks for the next 4 years.

Also, if you'd like to make a virtual vision board on Pinterest, (and you all know how much I love Pintrest!) here's a how to:

Have you made an inspiration board?  What is on it?  Share some ideas with me!  And as always, if you'd like me to post something on my  blog that you're insteresed in, please leave a comment below!
And as always, have a crafty Thursday!!! XO, Annie

Monday, August 17, 2015

Crafty Cards....

Hi friends,  I hope you had a wonderful crafty weekend!  I sure did!!! :)  A couple of things to start the week out.  With high school starting for Sarah in a few days, and my shuttle service going back and forth I have decided that I am only going to post three times during the week, Monday, Thursday and Friday's.  Maybe on the weekends, if I have time.  And I promise to have the post up by 6:45am...

Lots of time this weekend in my craft room1  I got a few cards done, and finally uploaded and opened up my Etsy shop for Anne's Scrap Corner!!  Come over and follow me!!!!  For now it is a greeting card store.  I'm selling the cards at $2.25 a piece, with free shipping.  Here's a photo of what I got uploaded....

Super fun time in my room, despite printer problems!  But that's a whole other story!  Today is Erin Condren Day!!!!!!!  For my planner friends you know what that means!!!  Soo excited for my UPS man to come today!!!  Tomorrow Sarah's Plum Planner arrives, so I will probably do so some sort of unboxing for Thursday, and hopefully a plan with me over the weekend....

Is there anything special you'd like to see with the planners?  On the blog?  I'm also gathering and collecting for the new website giveaway.  If you have suggestions for that please leave a comment below!!!   

Have a wonderful start to the week!  Do something crafty my friends and I will see you again on Thursday!!!!  XO, Annie

Friday, August 14, 2015

Five Minute Friday: Learn

LEARN  Our prompt word of the day.  Pop over to Kate's Website and play along with us.  (And don't forget to leave some neighborly love...)

 Ready. Go:

As we come to another end of the week, and I reflect on our events and on goings, here is what I have learned:

1.  As I got a letter in the mail for jury duty this week I learned from others that. getting a low number on the totum pole for jury duty almost always means your group number will be called.

2.Even 6 year old thourghbreds race horses can act like babies.  Be stubborn and throw temper tantrums when things don't go their way!!

3.  Car shopping and test driving new cars is fun.  The art of the deal, not so much...And you have to learn to walk away!!!

4.  When you don't close the freezer draw all the way, the freezer will make ice shavings all over the top of the freezer.  (Not fun when you open it up for the first time and they all fall out!)

5.   All teenagers, including my own, have high, and I mean, high, anxiety two weeks before the freshman year of high school is about to start....

6.  That our 12  year old tiny, small yorkshire terrier, Duke, can take on George the groundhog, and win!!!  Duke walked away with just a scratch over his eyes.  George? we haven't seem him since the brawl went down on Monday.  As Taylor Swift says, he's gone back, "into the woods"!!

7.  After owning the same coffee make for 10 years, that it might be time to break down and get a new one.  When there is a puddle of coffee on the counter, that can never be anyhting good!

8.  Even if you're not computer savvy, you can make your own stickers for the Erin Condran Life Planner!  It's a beautiful thing!!!  And yes, washi tape = life !!!!

9.  Green peppers give the worst heartburn ever!!!  Either that or I'm just getting old!!!

10.  And the BIGGEST lesson learned this week:  When you spend all summer making drapes for the in law suite and you find out that 2 of the windows you measured wrong, and they are 3"  taller that the others...Not a good thing, when your inlaws are due to arrive from Korea in a few weeks!!!

The end...Hope some of you stop by Kate's website and try the fun of writing for five minutes!!!  Have a wonderful Friday.  XO, Annie

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tutorial Thursday: Chalks and Pastels

Hi friends!

Such issues making coffee this morning, and it's not even 6am!! :)  I wonder if it's time to break down and buy a new one.  We have had this maker for almost 10 years! Hate to get rid of it!!! Not to worry though, I do have a cup in hand as I write this post, so the caffiene is running!! 

Super busy day yesterday, and another one on tap today.  The Baltimore Ravens play tonight, (pre season), so I am hoping to get into my room and watch some football as I craft...It's our favorite time of the year when football season begins!!!

I wanted to share this quick short tutorial on how to chalk with pastels. Stamping Up Tutorial It's a super easy "how to" and I think I will be trying it as I ramp up my card making for the craft fair in December!  

Looks like my new website will be up and running around the 28th of August....and I will have a giveaway to celebrate the launch!!  I am super excited for the new launch, and get more and more excited as I gather and collect information for my web designer!  

Hope everyone has a wonderful crafty day today!!!! (My dogs sleeping at the bottom of my feet on the couch is not motivating me to get up for a 2nd cup...Just saying!)